PMB Premier Garden Services:

We offer the following services in your garden:

- Mowing of lawn and trimming of hedges
- Raking and sweeping of necessary areas
- Removal of refuse related to the service
- Blowing of all tarred and paved areas
- Affordable one off clean ups
- High pressure cleaning of driveways, pavings and roofs
- Once off clean-up and contract cleaning services

Garden Maintenance

As garden specialists in the area of corporate and domestic garden maintenance, each individual garden has to be integrated into our maintenance programme and the scope of works according to each client’s needs and specifications. Garden maintenance is not “grass and edges” it...

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Garden Clean-ups

Garden clean-ups are an integral part of renovating existing overgrown and cluttered gardens. Clean-ups include repositioning of plants, splitting plants, enlarging garden beds or similarly reducing beds, cutting back and removing of large creepers and removal of all evasive ...

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Tree Felling

Tree felling often forms an integral part of a garden clean-up. Whether it is removing a burdensome tree or seasonal pruning in order to make light available to other plants, Trim-It Landscape Gardens has the necessary equipment, expertise and insurance to complete any tree felling job.

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Spring Treatment 

Spring treatment forms a integral part of having a perfectly maintained garden through out the year, this includes a cutback of all trees and shrubs, encouraging new growth, pruning of roses, this will allow the plant to strengthen itself and have a full blossom of flowers.

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