Garden Maintenance

As garden specialists in the area of corporate and domestic garden maintenance, each individual garden has to be integrated into our maintenance programme and the scope of works according to each client’s needs and specifications. Garden maintenance is not “grass and edges” it is a weekly programme that includes everything from weeding to basic pruning, splitting plants to seasonal pruning scarifying and aerating lawns to basic pest control and shaping of beds.

Plants are often the heart of a garden and if maintained properly can brighten all year-round. Each plant needs specific care - flowering and fruiting plants usually need pruning in the late winter or early spring and plants which return year after year (perennials) need pruning and deadheading regularly. Similarly, if you grow your own fruit or have a vegetable patch, this will need maintaining according to what you choose to grow. The most simple advice is to know what’s growing in your garden and how and when to care for it. Lawns can require more maintenance then just mowing, especially if you are growing from seeds or have had turfing installed.